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Let's Change Dat!

This is to be a fun discussion as to things that we wish we could change. It is to be a classical blog where we go over things that we wish or should change. This isn’t supposed to be nerve-racking but humorous. Before posting, please try not to be openly offensive and be respectful. No cursing and be respectful, please.

Let’s get to these problems and make them puppies!

Where to begin? There are so many choices… Let’s hit it off with the holiday season!

It is December 1st everybody! ‘Tis the season... ‘Tis the season, for what? ‘Tis it the season for giving, opening presents, seeing what everyone else received, Christmas dinner, great movies, holiday chocolates, time off, playing games, and time spent with loved ones.

That is not all that comes with Christmas. The other side is some say it starts too early, prices go up on everything, it's all about logistics, family that if you saw and you say hi, they reply keep on walking. The great family drama boiling under the table until it blows. The travel with long lines and food not fit for human consumption. The flights that have not been canceled treat us all like pieces of candy pushed in a Pez dispenser that is meant to hold twelve pieces, but they shove in three hundred of us.

What would you change about this time of year?

Rather than Santa would you want Dwayne Johnson to drop off his autograph under your tree with an offer to do a cameo in his next film?

Instead of having Santa come on sleigh or surfboard would it be better if he flew in an Aston Martin DB5. Would you rather see him cruising down the street in an M1 tank?

What if we threw in a little teleportation for travel, hot free food on the table, everyone magically gets just what they wanted, and instead of worrying if someone is going to leap across the table to shove a cranberry up your nose, nothing but good times and great memories.

What would you change?

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