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Doing it the Write way

Have you ever been touched by a story? Has your life ever been better for the lessons that came from the adventures of another? The life we each has is our own story being told by the time we spend. I would love to hear some of yours.

For example, I like to say I don’t know where I was born because I was to young to remember it. So I took my parents word for the fact that I was born in Bountiful Utah. I had a wonderful childhood and loved my family growing up. We moved around a lot because of my father’s work. I was fortunate to have wonderful friends and as time past I came to Logan Utah my senior year of High School. For two years I served a religious mission in Michigan and when I came home, I soon fell in love with the most wonderful woman. We were happy and things were well until I had an accident. It left me disabled and I turned to writing. Those are some events in my life, but they are what I have experienced, but they are not me.

I am naturally a nut. I seem to have a tiny voice in my head that makes me laugh. When I was younger people would want to go to a scary movie with my just because that little voice would heckle it so badly that some would leave from laughing so hard. The most prominent thing about me is my family.

The first fact is my oldest daughter is fantastic. She seems to be the contradiction that teens are problem children and cause their parents an early demise. She is simply fabulous to be around and almost has her license, she is on her High School Soccer, Basketball, and track teams.

The next is another daughter who is another terrific one who is full of life. She is a writer as well, but much better than I am. She is learning tennis and spends her time helping others. She is one of the most caring persons that I have ever come across.

After her is our son and I am happy to say that he is still alive. I say that because there have been a few times that we didn’t think the boy was going to live much longer or make it to his next birthday. He has been afflicted with a disease that is threatening him. That disease is to find how to make others laugh and keep them at it. He does that even at the expense of what he should be doing. He loves basketball and exceling at everything he tries.

We have one last child who has a talent that is more powerful than the rest, she is positively cute! To make it worse, she knows it. We try very hard not to be in a room with a dead end when she wants something.

The best of them all is my wonderful wife. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever been around in both body and spirit. She is wonderful down to playing with the kids, doing her projects, collecting things, and dreaming of Disneyland.

We all work together being pulled around by one crazy dog.

I would love to hear about you and your stories.

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