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Disabled beats being dead! Bio...

Being Disabled sure beats being dead!

Hello! They told me I was born in Bountiful Utah, I was too young to remember. I began to grow and developed which I thought was fun but it caused my dad to freak about the grocery bill. I was the youngest of five kids which meant I was the Cinderfella.

We lived in California, Idaho, and came back to Utah my senior year of High School. Every moment was fun but there were some hard times as well. I lost my sister to a car accident that she and my mother was in when I was in my teens. She was in a coma for months and when she came out of it she was a new woman who had to learn everything all over again.

I served my two-year mission in Michigan, Lancing Mission. Coming home I started my education at USU and meet the most wonderful woman in the world. We got married and have four kids with two crazy dogs.

It was going so well, I stopped my education and kept working. Then everything changed. I crushed my back causing a lot of damage. After surgeries, procedures, visits I have some of my physical health back but am left disabled with a lot of bills.

I have become an author with two published books. Requiem, changing times was my first release. Its sequel, Requiem, Perception Rising will be released in early 2021. The other series is Crystal Shadows, and its first work is Gripping New Blood.

I have also written another called The Sacrament, A Little Piece of Heaven, which is currently being reviewed for publication. I am almost finished with the next volume in the Crystal Shadow series and other work that is not in a series. Frontiers Fate is a western historical fiction book that will be finished later this year.

I love writing and doing anything I can with my kids. I am addicted to them as they are so much fun. I have a daughter who was brave enough to be our first and she is 17. She is the athlete who plays as I did in multiple sports of soccer, basketball, and track for her school. In between her time driving the boys crazy she does her best to drive what sanity I have left out of me.

The next is another girl. She is the artist and director. She is 14 and the thoughtful one and a big helper. She has been the assistant director in all the school plays for three years, she paints, sketches writes plays tennis and volleyball.

My son is 11 and we don’t know if he is going to live to 12. He is the only boy that we have and I think his sisters will kill him any day now. He enjoys doing something we call pocking the bear. He will torment his sisters and keep doing it until they spring on him showing no mercy. He enjoys playing games, shooting, and basketball.

The last is the most lethal and is 9. This girl is the cute one and will rule the world one day as she just has to give a cute face and that’s all she wrote. That child is dangerous because she is so cute and doesn’t know it but draws it like a gun. She loves soccer, running, science projects, and having a sugar rush.

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