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Sarah Field lives alone with her dad, a teacher at her school. The two of them share a close bond and, unusually, both have the same birthday, which they also share with Sarah's grandfather, who died when Sarah was small. Sarah knows very little about her grandfather, and her dad insists on keeping it that way.

However, one night, Sarah finds her dad acting mysteriously and also hears strange noises after her dad has gone out. Sarah's friends come to the rescue to help her investigate, and they make a shocking discovery. Someone is living in the attic! And that someone is none other than Sarah's grandfather! But, this is no ordinary grandfather...

With the discovery of her grandfather comes the question as to whether Sarah has the power to give life to the amulet - the Telum Deos - that will help to fight the forces of darkness.

Reviews for Crystal Shadows, Gripping New Blood is below. 

Priya gave it

Crystal shadows is a story filled with fun, surprise, thrill which will keep the readers interested throughout the story make them wanting for more.
The story is about Sarah Fields who lives with her father and shares a very friendly relation with him. They share the same birthday along her grandfather who's existence is mere suspense in the story.
The characters of Sarah's friends Jack, Shaw and Rachel are very interesting to read and feels like a typical teenage gang of friends you would have in...

A. White rated it

It's a very interesting book. This is a middle grade fantasy/adventure. The author showed well the common scenario of children growing up and not always getting perfectly along with their parents. They are discovering their own independence..

Pallavi Sareen rated it

Having already read Requiem Changing times by R. J Parker, I was really excited to read Crystal Shadows Gripping New Blood. The author has a way of merging realistic worlds with fantasy in a way that the collaboration feels interesting.
The book is short and fast-paced so the pages just flew by as I finished it in one sitting . The plot, the premise and the characters all gel together quite well but the book had its highs and lows. I just found the writing very simple, there was no charm in the

K.R. Barr gave it

R. J. Parker did an excellent job creating interesting middle grade characters. Sarah and her friends are fun to read about, even though sometimes the things they say are quite random and don't seem to fit what is going on in the story. Their curiosity helps them to discover Sarah's grandfather, but also gets them into some interesting predicaments. The four friends have a close relationship.
Sarah also has a close relationship with her father, until she and her friends discover her grandfather. This causes her father to come a bit unhinged and creates stress, tension, and conflict between Sarah and her father.
The characters and the story line kept me turning pages. I kept waiting to see what the powers of darkness were going to unleash and what Sarah and her friends might have to fight against. 

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