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Requiem, Changing Times

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Requiem, Changing Times.


Clint Holden was trying to put together his broken life when troubles from a magical realm changed everything. The fate of the war between the Salvations Alliance and the Fury hinge on who gets the Requiem first and their only clue is Clint. With parents gone, good and evil clash on the outskirts of San Francisco with a greater problem for Clint. He doesn’t know anything about Requiem. With time running out siblings and friends do all they can to not attract attention. Chaos follows Clint’s protectors as a Spell Binder commands trolls, orcs, orgers, and more to get the Requiem.


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CR gave it 

Medium Title

This was a very interesting title! I was hooked from the very first page and I have to say that this blend of science fiction and mystery was wonderful!! It was full of family drama, humor, and more. I felt the book come alive while I read the story. The author did a great job with the opening of the book as well as how things were dangerous and how it all came together.

This is one really intense story, from the cover you think your getting a fantasy but once you start reading you realize your...

Ankita gave it 

Medium Title

The author does a brilliant job of blending several genres together in a cohesive way. A fusion of fantasy and horror with some elements of sci-fi, mystery and suspense in the YA genre umbrella so to speak make this novel really shine brightly.

Fans will get a fantastic cast of characters to root for and stand behind, not least of all protagonist Clint, a young boy suffering from a profound loss and getting into trouble at school and with his new family unit when he is suddenly thrust...

Claire rated  

Medium Title

Happy Saturday! I've been reading this book for the past week or so and let me tell you it's been wild. So I'm happy to be finally posting my review for it. R J Parker, very kindly approached me via my blog and sent me a copy of his book to have a nosy at. So here is my review! 

So Requiem, Changing Times is very fantasy heavy including all sorts of creatures like imps and orcs, Ogre's and Werewolves. It is published by Olympia Publishers and came out September last year, according to Goodreads...

Mary Yarde rated it

"Have you ever had a bad idea that you dismiss at once because it was a terrible idea?" Corbin asked Clint. "Well this was one of those ideas that I should have dismissed."

Up until the moment a very intense stranger stopped them, the only thing Clint "Staeli" Holden and Corbin Jenkins had to fear was their teacher, Mrs Christenson, and principle Miller's office. Oh, and Amber — who every boy wanted to date apart from Clint who had the misfortune of catching Amber's eye. But then Clint's mother a...

Ella James rated it

Requiem, Changing Times by R J Parker is fun, addictive and a real page-turner. Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Stranger Things, will love this entertaining and compelling young adult urban fantasy.

Take a little magic, a jovial Scottish Dwarf, a misshapen Fury, an ordinary teenage boy, add an ogre or two and drop them all into a typical family, and then wait for the fireworks! Holbrook School has no idea what’s happening! Dead bodies have the police baffled. Mystery lies over the town as...

Adventurous ride for lovers of mystery and fantasy.
Requiem, Changing Times is a compelling magical read written with descriptive writing to bring the story more vividly to the imagination of the readers.
The author sets up the plot with lots of mystery and suspense to keep the reader hooked throughout. Parker embeds the story with amazing list of characters that are easy to connect with, making you root for them.
Fast paced and thrilling, this YA fantasy is full of action, fun, and adrenaline rush...

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